Solemates Loafers

My name is Obinna Anyaoku. ‭‬I studied ‭Public‭ ‬Administration ‭at Babcock University and I ‭did my masters in HR in the University of Lagos. I am the founder and CEO of @solematesloafers.

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Lomash Confectionery

My name is Chioma Michael. I started @Lomash_confectionery in 2014. We make well-crafted cake, detailed to precision to suit our clients’ demands. I studied Mass communication in Anambra State University. I was

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Chef Somty

I discovered I was passionate about cooking while I was growing up. My mum always made sure that the boys took part in the chores, especially cooking To her, cooking was a

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Was Trump Good for Nigeria?

The White House under Donald Trump doesn’t care about Human Rights. Pay attention to everything happening in the world since he became president. The US has abandoned its commitment to fighting for

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