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My name is Obinna Anyaoku. ‭‬I studied ‭Public‭ ‬Administration ‭at Babcock University and I ‭did my masters in HR in the University of Lagos. I am the founder and CEO of @solematesloafers. SolematesLoafers is an online business that makes bespoke hand-made slippers and sandals from the finest ofmaterials. We prioritizes displaying our products in very high quality pictures that shows the beauty and superior standards to customers.

I ‭ ‬have always‭ ‬ had a fascination with footwears.‭ ‬ In fact, when‭ ‬ I meet‭ ‬ someone‭ ‬ I have this habit of looking at your feet before I look at your face. It was sort of an obsession. I decided to monetize that passion. I started Solemates in April‭ ‬ 2019 out of pure passion ‭ ‬for foot‭ ‬ wears. I loved ‭ ‬the ‭ ‬smile ‭ ‬on people faces when they I provide them with good and stylish footwears.

Initially I started the business with about 70 thousand naira. I used this money to get packaging for the slippers. Packaging materials include shoeboxes, carrier bags and also shoe bags and shoe tags. I had some money that I had saved up over time and that was what I used to invest in the business. I didn’t ask anyone for capital. I have 3 people working with me now.

My biggest challenge was that people don’t know their correct shoes sizes. It made business difficult because it led to complaints. I had other challenges like people who don’t like to buy Nigerian made goods and also as an online business many people who have been scammed are very scared to patronize another online businesses. These were my challenges. I did my best to make sure I get the accurate sizes and for people who don’t like Nigerian-made goods, I simply did nothing about them and focused on those who appreciated locally made products. I also made sure I used very good materials so that just in case they decide to buy, they would get the same quality as the foreign products or‭ ‬ foot wear and at a more affordable price. As for those who were afraid‭ ‬ of being scammed. ‭ ‬ I put customer reviews and also pictures from customers who have bought to convince them.

I am excited because I created something from nothing and I know it will only get bigger in the nearest future. I have the drive and I am passionate about what I do.

In this life, if you have an idea, just do it. Don’t wait and start no matter how small.

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