Lomash Confectionery

My name is Chioma Michael. I started @Lomash_confectionery in 2014. We make well-crafted cake, detailed to precision to suit our clients’ demands. I studied Mass communication in Anambra State University. I was working in a radio station and didn’t like the idea of working for someone, so I decided to go into making cakes. I needed a lot of money to buy equipment ranging from oven, mixer, etc I invested up to one million naira that I saved up from my previous job into buying the necessary equipment. When I started, I didn’t have any paying staff, but about four members of my family helped me out. Today, I have four full-time staff members.

When I started, it wasn’t easy but social media gave me my first break. After I quit my job and officially opened a space, I had to reintroduce myself again on social media as a confectioner/ I had made some nice cakes, took beautiful pictures of them and when I posted them, it got quite an attention. I started getting calls for jobs and referrals, but I think my biggest breakthrough came after I did a certain traditional wedding cake, some wedding pages carried it on Instagram and I had massive recognition from it. This made people to always call for traditional wedding cakes; it also gave me a name ‘QUEEN OF TRAD CAKES’

I once had a terrible experience. I’d delivered this job excited that I did a great job and was waiting for a positive review. The client called to say that the cake got spoilt. My first reaction was, “No, that’s not possible” but then I remembered where I went wrong and apologized. I did a makeup cake for the client and today she is one of my top clients and has given me quality referrals.

It’s not an easy journey but passion and persistence will drive you through. If I have the opportunity to study anything again it will be to leave the country and take a Master Class on cake art under Tortik Annushka. I wish I had a solid beginner’s training foundation. However, moving forward, I am excited about what I am about to explore. I have not started yet and I see things getting so much better as years go by.

My advice to anyone that wants to get into this hustle is simple: Start Right. Caking is no joke, it will at some point take your sanity and make you question your capabilities. But so far the failures have driven me to do better and strive for perfection. I have coached many people and still look forward to coaching more. I do adverts through social media platforms and people look up to me is as a success.

Phone: 08063680017

Email: shalommichael134@gmail.com

Instagram: @Lomash_confectionery

Facebook: Shalom Michael

Twitter: @shalommichael14

Location: Ikenegbu extension, Owerri, Imo state