Was Trump Good for Nigeria?

The White House under Donald Trump doesn’t care about Human Rights. Pay attention to everything happening in the world since he became president.

The US has abandoned its commitment to fighting for Human Rights.

If Trump wins again, we are going to suffer in Nigeria.
Trump is not be best option for Biafra. I’ve been shouting it at the top of my voice but no one is paying attention. The Republicans have never advocated for Human Rights. They are conservatives in ideology. Conservativism by definition means advocating for the preservation of the status quo. Human Rights is a progressive idea.
Conservatives in the US and UK opposed the Human Rights of black people all over the world, including America. They opposed the Rights of Immigrants, they imprison black people and use them as cheap prison Labour.
Trump is not our ally. The US under Trump gives resumed military aid to the Nigerian military. This military aid to Nigeria was suspended by the previous US government.

These things are verifiable facts. The same day he called Buhari lifeless, he approved a $600m worth of attack planes for the Nigerian Army. Check it out here:

Click here to see NIgerian Army using Trump’s word to justify killing protesters:

We should just accept any American or British leader until he demonstrates support for our cause.

I conducted my PhD research on the BIafran issue and I didn’t find one single evidence that Trump supports Biafra.

I understand why we embrace Trump. He seems to hate Muslims and we are fighting Islamic fundamentalism in Nigeria. However if you dig a little deeper, what he hates is anyone who’s not white. The only exception he makes is if those people have oil. He doesn’t hate the Muslim leaders of countries with oil. He will sponsor the military of that country in exchange for oil and will ignore the Human Rights abuses of those countries. Cases in point, Nigeria and Saudi Arabia. He blocked a US Congress ban on sales of arms to Saudi Arabia and sold them $8billion worth of weapons.

He also provided diplomatic shield for Saudi Arabia after they killed a journalist Jamal Kashoggi in their Istanbul embassy last year.


If we wanna love Trump, we should go ahead and do that for religious reason. But let’s not be under the false impression that he has the Igbo interest at heart. He will sell us to Nigerian government for one barrel of our own crude oil.